Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jeremy’s journey began in music and audio as a sound designer, engineer, and radio producer before moving into the visual arts. Sound design opened a path into the indie film world, working as a composer and music supervisor. However, it was not until finishing a film program at the University of Exeter and the University of New Mexico that Jeremy moved wholly into film and television.

His first industry role was as the assistant to a Creative Director at a production house, working behind the camera, as a producer, and in post-production. Adapting to these varied skillsets created a promotion to Dailies Manager, where he facilitated the delivery of dailies and physical media while managing a team of other post-production technicians. This role further provided the foundational skills for assistant editing, color correction, and visual effects. Although busy, Jeremy also embraced his love of writing by running a screenwriting workshop, as well as working as an arts writer for various publications.

Since then, Jeremy has worked the past ten-plus years in post-production, traveling extensively and completing various television projects and an Oscar Award-winning film. His passion for visual storytelling and automation has informed his career as an Assistant Editor, Visual Effects Editor and Post-Production Consultant for television, features, and commercials.